Chapter 1.16 – Flipped

Joshua’s Point of View

I couldn’t stay home any longer. Patty’s music was playing full blast, Austin was playing some stupid video game and couldn’t stop yelling at the tv, and mom was yelling at all of us in general for being so loud and not helping her pick up. I was fed up so I grabbed my guitar and walked all the way to Central Park. It was a long walk, but I didn’t mind. I strapped my guitar to my back and only took it off once I was standing by the fountain. I was in a pretty grumpy mood but I started playing my old, acoustic guitar and things got better.  It was pretty early in the morning, so not many people were in the park, but I didn’t mind. I liked the silence.

I finished performing two of my favorite songs when I saw some girl walking my way. She came down the cement steps, her hair flowing with every step she made. It took me a few seconds to realize I was staring, but when I saw she was coming my way, I turned around pretending nothing happened.

“Hi, sorry, um..” The second I heard her voice, I knew it was the girl walking towards me. I turned around to face her. She was a lot prettier than I thought. Her hair was such a light shade of blonde that in the light it almost seemed white. I held my guitar with one hand and looked at her. She continued, “Sorry to bother you but I heard you playing before and you’re really good.” She spoke nervously, as if scared of something, or hiding. She looked around several times as if she was afraid someone would see her. I tried figuring out how old she was. She had a beautiful body, and womanly features. Is she an adult? A young adult? A teenager? As mature as her structure seems, there was this innocent look in her eyes that told me she was younger than me.

She looked around several more times before speaking, “I’m sorry I have no money to tip you, but you…you’re really good. Do you play here often?” So she only came to talk to me so she can tip me? That kinda hurt my feelings. I started packing my guitar away and answered dully,


“May I ask your name?”

“Joshua.” I wanted to know her name too, but I didn’t ask. Instead, she introduced herself.

“I’m Emily. Emily Coyle.” Was that a British accent I heard?

I was still trying to figure out how old she was, and if she had a British accent or not when I noticed some man walking not far behind us. He had a light shade of blonde hair, was dressed in a rich, velvet-looking tuxedo. The second he looked our way he said, “Emily! What are you doing out there? Don’t you dare talk to the homeless. Now carry on!” Homeless? Was he referring to me as homeless? I take it that was Emily’s dad. He had a heavy British accent and the same blonde hair.

Emily shut her eyes tightly realizing she’d been found.  Honestly, I was really insulted. So Emily was just some rich brat . I finished packing my guitar and gathered all the tips I had. When I realized she wasn’t leaving, I said, “Just go.”

She touched my arm to get my attention back, “Joshua you don’t understand. That’s my father. We’re from London and he didn’t really mean what he said. He just doesn’t want me to be with strangers that’s all. I’m truly sorry.”

“It’s fine.”

“Will I see you again?”

“Well you know, if you think of me as homeless then yeah I’ll be around.” Emily was about to speak again but her father was in the street waiting by a black, expensive car yelling out to her. She sighed and went running to her father and into the black car.

I went back home and locked myself in my room. I blasted the music and lay in my bed, wanting to be in my own world. For some reason though, I couldn’t get my mind off Emily. There was something about her that intrigued me. I wanted to know more, to know why she seemed so afraid. I played my music louder, but still, that wasn’t enough to get my mind off Emily.

Austin’s Point of View

It was Saturday afternoon and I had just woken up. Carter left me a text message saying he wanted to meet up near the school. I got dressed and headed out the door without telling anyone where I was going. Technically, I was grounded because I hadn’t cleaned my room, nor did I do my homework or any of my other chores. I say technically, because as you can see I’m still out of the house. Mom never had much control on me. When I saw Carter, we did our handshake and he excitedly said, “Dude, y’know Mr.Pinefield?” Mr. Pinefield was our school’s principle.

“Yeah, what about him?”

“Yesterday I saw him drive by in his car. This stupid purple car.”

“Okay, so what man?”

“Okay well here’s the thing. You know how we got in trouble last time for skipping classes? Well I think it’s time for payback. Y’know if it weren’t for that douche, know one would have caught us. So here’s my plan. I saw where Mr.Pinefield lives, and I say we damage his car or somethin’. Show him who’s boss, y’know?”

“Dude, that’s insane! What if we get caught?”

“We won’t! Besides I think it’s about time he gets a new car. We’ll be doing him a  favor!”

“Alright, let’s go!” We took our BMX bikes and rode for about 30 minutes before finally reaching the principle’s house. The car was parked exactly where we predicted; in the driveway. Which meant he was home. We’d have to work fast and quietly or else Mr. Pinefield might suspect something and see us. Carter had brought a heavy piece of metal to smash the windows, but it would make too much noise so we decided not to use it. Instead, we slashed every single one of the tires. Carter whipped out the same spray paint can we once used and wrote on the front window: Who’s the boss? I grabbed the can and scribbled along the sides of the car until, finally, the can was empty. I threw it in the corner of the driveway and we both started pedaling away from the house.

Monday morning, I got to school late, but the second I walked through the office doors, I was called in by the secretary. She told me to take a seat in the back of the room. Turns out Carter was sitting there to.

“What’s going on?” I asked him.

“I don’t know man, think we got busted.” The same second, Mr.Pinefield opened his office doors and told us to come inside. We sat around a small table in the corner of the office.

“You two boys can deny it all you want but I know what you did over the weekend.” The principle said, looking back and forth at us.

Carter spoke first, ” I don’t know what you’re saying.

” “Let’s get to the point. You boys sabotaged my car and turned it into a wreck. Now I don’t want you saying that’s not true, am I clear?”

“You have no proof!” I said, sitting up in my chair.

“Oh really? What’s this?” Mr. Pinefield took out a white spray paint can and held it in front of us. He then turned it so the bottom was being shown. Right on the metallic container were the words ‘Carter’. I spoke again.

“Okay, so his name is on it! Not mine. I shouldn’t be here.”  Carter gave me a glaring look. A look that said, ‘don’t bail on me’. I felt bad. I was in this as much as he was. I shook my head and said, “Whatever, fine.”

Mr. Pinefield continued, “Now, seeing as this isn’t the first rules that you break, you have left me no choice. If it were my decision, I’d expel both of you right this instant, but that isn’t in my power. However, you are both being suspended for a weeks time and will have to submit to 50 hours of community service to be done during this week. There are no exceptions. And this time, if you two don’t follow the rules, I’ll be more than glad to expel your bums out of this institution.” We screwed up big time.

I headed back home trying to think of something to say. Clearly the school would have already called my mom and she no doubt knew about my suspension. She’d flip. When I walked through the front door, there was my mom already standing in the doorway.

Faith’s Point of View

I had just received a call from the school secretary saying how Austin had gotten suspended for a week because he and his friend had caused damage? I don’t really know what she said after the suspension part. I waited at the front door until Austin came home, and when he stepped through that door, I flipped. “I’ve been waiting for you young man! You’re school just called saying you got suspended! You know Austin sometimes I don’t know what’s going on through your mind. Is it possible for you to stop breaking the rules all the time! Why can’t you just be serious once in a while? Good Lord I don’t know what I’m going to do with you anymore. You still have two years to go in high school, but at this rate you’ll never make it through!”

Austin’s Point of View

God would someone shut her up. I kept my head lowered and waited till she was done yelling at me. I walked towards the kitchen to get some food and as I passed by, Patty made a stupid comment. “Aren’t you tough little brother. Better watch yourself.”

“Shut up Patty.”  I was so mad at everything and everyone that I just left the house all over again.

Everyone was aggravating me and I couldn’t take it anymore. I just ran out and jogged all the way to the community gym. There were still a few people around but I didn’t care. I started pumping some heavy iron, adding the weights every time.  I was mad and taking out my anger on the machine. I didn’t care what my mom thought anymore.

You know maybe if I had a dad things would be different. But of course no one will explain anything to me! My whole life I’ve asked mom about my dad but she won’t give me a straight answer. I added more weights on the machine. She just makes up excuses and lies and changes the subject. I remember, when I was really small, maybe just 2 or 3 years old, she told me he died. But then he was living with us. But then he was gone again. And whenever I asked, mom would yell at me. You know, if I had a dad things would be different. I’m sure of it.

I spent so much time lifting weights that I hadn’t noticed how late it was getting. The gym was closing up and as soon as I stepped outside there was a police car. I knew I was past my curfew and was going to get in trouble for it. I could have made a run for it, but I was so tired of my work out that I didn’t bother. I got handcuffed by the cop and put into the car. Mom was gonna flip. Again.

When the police dropped me off at the house mom came out the front door and thanked the cop. Once the car left though, she started yelling at me again. “Austin I just can’t believe you! You know, I’m trying really hard to understand you, I’m trying to help you but you just won’t let me!” She lowered her tone of voice and looked away from me. “I’ve tried so hard but nothing has come out of it.”

Was she considering me as nothing? She thinks nothing came of it, but I came of it. I know I wasn’t the best son nor the best person, but didn’t she at least consider me a bit of something? I wasn’t mad anymore, but rather disappointed. I shook my head at her, and I could tell she felt bad. She realized what she said and wanted to take it back but I didn’t give her the chance to.

I ran towards the house, kicking the garbage can on my way inside.

Coming in, I bumped into Joshua. He said, “Freaking pathetic.”

“What’d you say?”

“You heard me. Grow up Austin. Like seriously.”

“Shut up Josh! I don’t need your stupid comments right now!”

“You never need any bodies comments at any time. But I think you should start listening to the people around you. Stop acting so stupid all the time!”

“You think I’m pathetic, yeah well you’re not any better! With your stupid music. You just lock yourself up all day long cause you have no friends.”

“And you think you have friends? Carter’s just using you.”

“Shut up man! You don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t know him, and you don’t know me neither!”

“Whatever Austin, you can thank me later.”

* * *

* * *

Faith’s Point of View

I heard my phone ringing and had to run to reach it in time. “Hello?” “Hi, is this Faith Auburn speaking?”

“Um, yes. Who is this?”

“Hi. My name is Brenda Stewart. You don’t know me but I’m a  close friend of your mother, Tina Auburn. I don’t know how to tell you this, but Tina passed away last week.”

“Wait.. that’s impossible. How come I didn’t know about this?”

“I’m not sure, I’m trying to figure this out myself. The funeral was a few days ago, and I asked your father who he wanted to invite for the ceremony. When he gave me a list of names, I noticed he hadn’t mentioned his daughter. When I asked him about it, he told me you were dead a lone time ago. I found it suspicious but didn’t make a deal out of it. This whole week I’ve been cleaning up the house and gathering old belongings Tina had. That’s when I saw a phone number with your name on it. I’m sorry you need to learn about it this way, I wish I could have told you earlier.”

I didn’t know what to respond to all this. My mother died? My father said I was dead to him a long time ago? I missed the funeral. I missed everything. I thanked Brenda and hung up the phone.  I wanted to call Carl and tell him, but I didn’t even have the strength and energy to pick up the phone. Instead I went outside and walked along the rocks and cliffs. I thought about everything starting from my childhood, till the present day. All these years I’ve been thinking of my mom, I would only remember the bad times we had. But now that she was gone, I couldn’t remember anything but the good moments. I remembered how we often baked cookies together and she’d tell me to stop licking the spoon. Or on every Friday after school we’d meet at the bus stop and walk home together. All these souvenirs were coming back to me now, but I realized that’s all they were. Souvenirs. I had nothing to remember my mother by. I don’t even have a picture of her. She exists only in my memory now.

It was at that moment I knew I would leave something behind for my children. Something they can carry on for the rest of their lives in memory of me. It is also at the same moment I decided that the time had finally come. The time to carry this legacy onto the next generation. The time to pass the torch. The time to pick the next heir of the Auburn legacy.


Author’s note Happy holidays everyone! Few little notes I wanted to mention. For starters, the line that was italicized towards the end is a quote from the titanic and I thought it would suit the situation perfectly. Also, many of you might already know this, but yes there will be an heir vote! I have created a new page with the poll, Heir Votes, so hurry and go vote for your favorite! The Family page might help you in making a final decision if you haven’t already made one. And I know this chapter was a lot from Austin’s point of view, but I wanted you guys to know a bit more about him seeing as it was close to the heir vote. Anyways, happy holidays to all of yous and thanks so much for all your support! xoxo

About auburn101
I've ran away at the age of 18. I've come a long way, but now I've arrived in a small town known as Sunset Valley. Ahead of me, awaits a long journey. A legacy is what I am starting. A legacy of my own, that I will built from the ground up.

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  1. Izzi456 says:

    Wow…Austin is a brat, and he just can’t admit to himself that he is…

    I’m going to go vote now, I think I’ll vote for Josh 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh my gosh! That was so good! I felt so bad for Faith, her kids acting crazy, her mom passing. I got a little teary eyed when she did. Its hard when you constantly think about the bad, and then someone is gone and suddenly you can only remember the good. Can I ask what tears you use, I have tried downloading tears and every time I go in game they dont show up… I think I am doing it wrong! haha. Wonderful Chapter! I am off to vote now!

    • auburn101 says:

      Hey Michelle! I’m glad you like the chapter!
      As for the tears, to be honest with you I have no idea what the link is as to where I got them :s I’ve had them for such a long time now. Maybe you are downloading them right. You have to go in the facial make-up (the one that covers your whole face) and the tears should appear them if they were downloaded correctly. They won’t just appear on your sim! ;p This way they are removable and applicable whenever you need them! Sorry, I couldn’t help any more :/
      ps. don’t forget to vote!

      • Michelle says:

        I got a certain link for tears through Dusty, and they show up on my launcher as installed, under costume makeup, and then when I go to create a sim and put them on Madds, it just looks all streaky, not tears at all. I know I am doing something wrong, I just cant figure it out. The tears I got were extracted and they ended up being a .sims3 pack. I double clicked and they installed! But still no tears! So frustrating! haha. I really need them for my next chapter, so I guess I will have to be diligent and try again! I voted! 🙂

      • auburn101 says:

        Hmm, sorry I couldn’t help anymore then I did! Maybe you should try posting a question on the sims 3 forums, maybe someone can help you there? I had asked through twitter for someone to help me hehe.

  3. dustydreamer says:

    Wonderful chapter!
    Austin is a little brat. Everyone is trying to understand him, trying to talk to him but instead of listening he lashes out. I hope that he doesnt have to get into some serious trouble before he starts realizing what everyone means.

    Have I mentioned how handsome Josh is? XD I was a little jealous of this Emily character. XP
    I see him with a sweet, innocent girl who is optimistic and smiles alot. :]

    Eeps! Time to vote!!!

    • auburn101 says:

      Thank you! Austin seems to be sticking to his own opinion and won’t accept the help of others. A lot of people seem to find Joshua good looking ahaha, I have to admit, I do too^^ . Guess you’ll have to keep reading to see who Joshua really does go out with 😉

  4. nestea7 says:

    That was a great chapter. I feel kind of bad for Austin. No one understands him. But I’m really excited for the next generation. =]

  5. elizabeth says:

    Wow, this chapter was fantastic. 🙂 I love how you show Josh struggling over Emily, that was great.
    Oh, Austin. *sigh* You are making things difficult for yourself with all the trouble you’re causing!! I hope he straightens himself out soon.
    And that part with Faith’s mother was just brilliant. I think this was your best chapter, IMO. 😀
    Alright, off to vote! I love all their storylines though…. hmmm.

    • auburn101 says:

      Awhh thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed this chapter seeing as it’s the last one of this generation! I’m excited to see how the voting will turn out to be..

  6. Chellekaz says:

    Oh Faith… How heartbreaking. At least she had the chance to really have a relationship with her mom, it would have been terrible if they had never gotten to have that. I have to agree with Elizabeth, I think this was your best chapter so far 🙂 .

    I’ve cast my vote for Josh and his twisty emotions, I hope he can get past his impressions of Emily and that she can get past her father and they can fall maaadly in luuuuurve.

    • auburn101 says:

      Thanks for voting! 🙂
      You’re right, it’s nice that Faith was able to forgive her mother and overcome her childhood with her. As for who Josh will fall in love for, only time will tell 😉
      Thanks again !

  7. marissa3 says:

    eeeeek! I loved this chapter, glad I’m finally back to read it! it’s so hard to decide who to vote for, all the stories seem like they would be really interesting! i think I’ve made my choice though 😉 now to figure out how to get to the vote from my phone….. hmm

  8. Emy says:

    Awww, I missed the vote. Sorry about that, I’ve been trying to catch up on all of the blogs I read. I probably would have voted for Josh anyway, though. 😀

    Emily! Haha, I’m an Emily and I’m from England. Though I’m not rich or blonde, hahaha.

    I realyl enjoyed this chapter. It was nice to get to know Joshua and Austin a little bit more. 🙂 ❤

    • auburn101 says:

      Awh too bad you weren’t able to vote. They’ll always be next time 😉 And that’s really funny that you have the same name as my sim haha. Coincidence? 😛

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