Chapter 1.15 – Time Always Runs Out

“Time. A thing with time, I’ve learnt, is that it always runs out.” – Nicholas Sparks

I was so busy trying to work a job, and raise 3 kids on my own that it never dawned on me, that I too, was growing old. To me, aging onto an adult wasn’t something to celebrate. Jeffrey, however, wanted to throw me a party with guests, a cake, and balloons. I had refused the second he brought up the idea, but after persuasion, I finally agreed. To top things off, Austin was aging up the same day I was and I thought it’d be nice to have everyone gathered together to throw a party. Jeffrey had come early Saturday morning and started organizing everything. He insisted I sleep in, and take a long bath and that he had taken care of everything. When I came downstairs, I saw balloons in every corner of the room. Near the door, there was a long white table filled with plates and food for people to pick from. At the other end, was a large electronic stereo. It wasn’t long after that guests starting filing into the room. Jeffrey had reassured me that only close friends and family were going to be attending this party. After a half hour all the guests were here.

My whole family was in the living room, talking and greeting people. Neighbors were here, with bottles of wine and little wrapped gifts. A few co-workers had joined the celebration as well, with another few of my friends. Jeffrey started the stereo and people started dancing along. At first everyone was shy, not wanting to make a scene, but as soon as the music started going everyone joined in the party and danced together.  Jeffrey grabbed my arm and swung me around. We started laughing and dancing along to the beat of the music. I was a little shy of dancing so wildly, but Jeffrey seemed to be a party animal and he made sure I was having a good time.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Patty dancing with Hunter. They were talking, laughing, and shoving each other at times. Even once I saw them sneak a kiss between a song.

People grabbed food, danced, drank, and talked. I was done dancing and was looking around for Joshua but couldn’t find him.

Joshua’s Point of View

I don’t know why I was here exactly. I’m just not the party type. What’s the point of dancing like madmen, drinking wine and pretending everyone’s having a good time. Too many people out there have fake smiles. With their heels so high that they can’t even have a good time. I was happy my mom was becoming an adult and celebrating her birthday. Happy she was having a good time with everyone. I didn’t want to ruin the party though with my glum mood so I stayed in my room for a bit.  Jeffrey had bought mom this high-tech sound system. Patty bought mom a diamond bracelet and one of those girly baskets filled with cream and such. Austin drew her a card, painted her a painting, and made a model of her with his colorful play-do. I was here in my room, staring at my guitar. I had written her a song. I’ve never written a full song before. I’ve written down lyrics here and there as they come and go in my mind. Whatever. I didn’t care. I wrote this song, so I’m gonna play it. Whoever is there and whatever they think I’m doing it.

I grabbed my acoustic guitar and went out to the living room. I turned off the music and everyone stopped dancing and stared at me.  I didn’t even introduce myself or anything. I just stood in the middle of the room and started strumming. I started smooth, barely even touching the metallic strings. People formed a circle around me and then I started singing and played the guitar notes perfectly. I never really knew I could sing. Well, I can’t actually sing. I just do it, I guess. It went a lot better than I thought.

Everyone clapped and cheered when I was done singing. Mom even got teary-eyed. I put my guitar away and Mom came hugging me in a tight embrace. That was a first.

Faith’s Point of View

The song Joshua wrote me brought tears to my eyes. I never noticed how talented he truly was. All those days he would spent locked up in his room, I never realized he was doing what he loved. He was in his own world. All these years I never understood his character, but for once in my life, I understood how he felt. Lost. Different from the rest. I was so proud of him that I wrapped my arms around him tightly. It was only a few minutes later that he escaped back into his room. Carl saw me with my eyes filled with tears so he came hugging me.

The dancing, eating and partying was over when the time finally came to age up. Austin and I stood by each other as everyone formed a circle around us. Everyone sang happy birthday in sync, and one after another we aged onto another stage of our lives. It had been a long time since I had a birthday, and the feeling of growing up was something I hadn’t felt in a while. I could see Carl cheering for me but then I don’t remember what happened next. I just became a new women in the matter of seconds.

When I looked over my shoulder, I realized that Austin too, had grown up. He still had his blonde-white hair. He grew up with a built structure and a large, white smile. He looked just like his father.

Austin’s Point of View

Being a teenager was awesome. Everything seemed better. I was stronger, taller, and my voice sounded a lot deeper. Things seems a lot more important. Yet, in other ways some things lost complete value. I didn’t care anymore about my plastic toys, about collecting bugs, about having a clean room. I didn’t care what other people thought, felt or wanted. Now, all I wanted to do was listen to music and move around. I wanted to play sports, hang out with friends. I was like an unstoppable machine or something.

I started high school too. Now that, was amazing. I hated the school itself, with all its’ rules, teachers, and assignments. But the girls were really hot, and the guys were pretty cool too. This was a whole new stage of freedom. On my first day of school, I met this dude, his name was Carter. We talked a bit throughout the day, but didn’t really have a chance to hang out. After school, he called me up on my cell and we met outside the school. We were hanging out in the park, just chilling and talking. Turns out he was a daredevil like me.

It was getting late, and past curfew but I didn’t really care. We got down from the metal structure and walked alongside the walls of the school.

“Hey, check this out.” Carter said, taking out a white metallic can.

“Wha..What is that?”

“Spray paint dude!”

“What you gonna do?”

“Hmm I don’t know genius! Lets decorate this school.”

It took me a second’s hesitation, but the idea of doing something adventurous and daring just took over me. I smiled a gloomy smile and snatched the can from Carter’s hand. I started painting over the walls, making a cartoon face. As soon as I was done, Carter took the can back and we both started running down the hill, laughing and giving playful punches to each other.

The next day, we both skipped school. We didn’t want to be around once the administration found the graffiti on the walls. Carter called me up again, and we went to Central Park. The public area was pretty empty. Everyone out at work, or at school.

“Hey, I got an idea,” Carter said, looking at me with a wide smile.

Only a half hour later, we were standing in front of this rich looking house. Carter said he kinda knew the owner of the place and there were a bunch of expensive stuff inside. We had a plan. Carter rang the doorbell and was greeted by this lady. He started talking to her, guiding her outside and onto the porch. I crept up the side of the house and I heard them talking. I could hear Carter asking her, “Yes Miss, I heard you were selling some tomatoes from your garden patch. And you see well, my grandma really is picky with her food and….”

I stopped listening and bounced into action. I sneaked through the front door and dashed throughout the house. I went to the back door, and found myself in a private backyard guarded up with fences. There was this rich looking bar on the far end of the patio. I sneaked up behind the bar, and saw a bunch of alcohol bottle. Rows of glass bottles were lined up. I grabbed as much as I could.

I started stuffing my backpack with large, heavy bottles. Carter had told me about these drinks but I never imagined there’d be so much. When my back pack was full, I took a few more and stuffed them under my shirt. I ran back through the house and out the front door. I ran across the lawn and onto the street. A large smile crept onto me. Success.




Author’s note

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this chapter! Just wanted to mention that it is official, there WILL be an heir vote after all! You guys all seems so attached to different characters that it really persuaded me into making a vote. Also, thought you might want to know that Austin’s picture has now been put up onto the “Family Page” seeing as he turned into a teenager. I think that page will help you in making a final decision in the heir vote, so if you’re interested just read along! Thanks! 

About auburn101
I've ran away at the age of 18. I've come a long way, but now I've arrived in a small town known as Sunset Valley. Ahead of me, awaits a long journey. A legacy is what I am starting. A legacy of my own, that I will built from the ground up.

13 Responses to Chapter 1.15 – Time Always Runs Out

  1. Jedidiah says:

    Gee Austin is in for trouble! He and Carter together. LOL
    I think Joshua is the most level headed. BTW, is Patty’s hair from an EP or is there a link? It’s very cool.
    Great update. Great to see how Faith is settling down with family now.

    • auburn101 says:

      Austin is definitely a trouble maker and a daredevil. Patty’s hair I think I had downloaded it from the sims ressource? ;s I just added on some red streaks and tints. I’m glad you like it. If I am able to find the link I’ll let you know! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. elizabeth says:

    Yay for birthdays! And a teenage Austin…. uh-oh.
    I love Joshua, but I think I’m going to vote for Patty. She’s just my favorite!
    I agree with Jed, great chapter! 🙂

  3. Emy says:

    Teenage Austin… the trouble has only just started, I reckon. 😉

  4. Michelle says:

    I really enjoyed this chapter! I think Joshua is my favorite though! Thats who I’ll be voting for!

  5. nestea7 says:

    For some reason, I had a feeling Austin would be the trouble But I’m curious to see just how much trouble him and Carter get themselves into. I’m still slightly undecided though for my vote for heir, but I think I think I might choose Joshua. Not sure. Great Chapter btw. =]

    • auburn101 says:

      Nestea! Thanks for reading and commenting. Yeah, Austin just has that trouble maker look 😉 You still have time before the heir vote, maybe a chapter or two! I’m really getting curious as to who will win. Lots of the readers have different opinions! It’s going to be a tight vote.

  6. Spongey says:

    Oh Austin… where did your innocence go? 😛 Well, boys will be boys. But stealing drinks? Come on. I really like Josh a lot. I thought it was so sweet the way he did that for his mom on her birthday 🙂 He didn’t even care what anyone was going to think either. He just went along with it, just to make his mom happy.

    Great update! It’s awesome seeing Jeff around 😉

    – Jax

    • auburn101 says:

      Hey Jax! Yes, so Austin has really grown up to be a trouble-maker. Whatever opportunity that comes his way that gives him a chance to bend the rules and give him a thrill! I’m glad you like Joshua. I like him too, he’s quiet different from everyone else.

  7. dustydreamer says:

    Oh no..Austin is going to get into trouble! He looks like Marcus…but I hope he is not going to turn out like him. :[

    Josh singing was adorable! I loved it. Im happy that he came out and showed everyone a little bit of who he was. :]

    Its so strange that Josh is Marcus’s son too…he is so different from him…I would never think that that was his son, unlike Austin.

    • auburn101 says:

      You’re right! I always thought Austin looked like his father Marcus, but I never did the relation that he even acted like him at times! He’s just as much of a daredevil as him, though he doesn’t get as angry as him. Austin is always smiling and cheery!

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