Chapter 1.14 – This Was My Desitiny

Patricia’s Point of View

I wanted to appreciate the good weather, and so that’s when I got the idea of spending a few hours at the pool. It was nice to finally get away from my family. Don’t get me wrong, I like them. But they just don’t understand me. They think I’m some crazy, rebellious girl with attitude. Okay, well maybe I am a little! Anyways, I was lounging on one of the pool chairs with my two-piece bikini taking in all the sun I could possibly get. I closed my eyes and zoned out into my own thoughts. You know that feeling you get when you feel that someone’s watching you. Yeah, well that’s the feeling I had right now. Kinda doesn’t make sense because I’m in a public area filled with people. Anyways, I opened my eyes and watched around me as people tanned and enjoyed the fresh pool water. Suddenly, turning my head to my right I noticed a blond-haired teenager. She had just came out of the water, and I could see her staring at me.

She caught me staring, so she quickly turned away and returned to the pool chairs with her friends. Gotta tell you they weren’t very subtile. They were clearly talking about me. Their glares looking my way and there low whispers. Anyways, after a few minutes, the same blonde girl came back walking in my direction.

“Hiya. I take it you’re Patricia?”

“Uh, yeah. Do I know you?”

She paused, shifting her weight to her other leg and resting her hand on one hip. “No, not personally. But you probably heard from me. I got to the all girls private school right out-of-town.”

“And I would know you because?”

She flipped her long hair behind her shoulder and smiling she answered, “Well, who doesn’t know me?”

See this is the type of girl I can’t stand. Though I have to say that I have seen her before. She was in all those school board committees and participated in all those campaign events. Like I said, a girl I can’t stand. She came closer towards me and continued talking. “Anyways, know me or not, I’m just here to tell you about Hunter. You think you know him but you really don’t. He use to go to our brother’s school, St-Nicks Privates. He’s a great artist and will achieve really ambitious goals. I just wanted to let you know, that the date he took you on the other day? The Art Gallery? Yeah, well he brings all his first dates there. How would I know? I was one of them. And see my friends over there, yeah well they all passed before you. So if you think you’re so special, well you’re not. You would have figured it out soon enough but I thought it be nicer of you to know about it from a girl friend.” Yeah, helluva girl friend!

* * *

* * *

Joshua’s Point of View

I started liking going around town playing my guitar. I started with some less popular places. The beach, the fishing pond, the grocery store and finally the bistro. The bistro was pretty popular but I was nervous in case I’d bother the clients so I didn’t stay long. Now, I was making my way to Central Park. I have to say I was really nervous. I don’t really know why. I mean I’m not doing some crazy concert with a million fans. But I guess that’s what makes it worse. I don’t really have fans. I just don’t want to deceive people. Anyway, I went to Central Park and placed myself not far from the fountain. (The sound of the water soothed my nerves). I unpacked my guitar and something washed over me. I was no longer anxious. I was playing my guitar. I was doing what I loved.

I played a few tunes, and more and more people gathered around me. They snapped their fingers, hummed along, and tapped their foot to the beat of my strumming. I played popular songs this way people could connect with them and join in the melody. The best part though was getting a tip. All it took was for one stranger to step forward and drop change and then it was a chain that led to more tips. One after another people leaned forward and dropped small amounts of money in my guitar case. This was my destiny.

* * *

* * *

Patricia’s Point of View

I was out late after supper going for my usual jogging. I either ran in the mornings, where it was quiet and fogged loomed over the floor. Or I went later in the day when it was darker and a cool breeze took over. I was running in an open field with trees and bike paths. I had forgotten my earphones, so here I was jogging in silence.

I was so deep into my own thoughts that I hadn’t noticed Hunter run up next to me. I looked at him, then looked away, picking up my pace.

He followed my pace and asked, “Hey? What’s up?” I kept running, ignoring his gaze. “Patty? What’s going on?”

I stopped running and faced him. “What’s wrong? You want to know what’s wrong? Well you tell me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about our first date!” I yelled at him.

“What about it? I had a great time…”

“Yeah well, must not have been the first one eh.”

“What is that suppose to mean?” He was raising his voice as well.

“You know exactly what I mean! The Art Gallery. That’s where you bring all your girlfriends on their first date. You think I wouldn’t have noticed!? Yeah well I did!”

I started running again but he grabbed my arm and turned me around. “Who told you that?”

“That blonde girl who goes to your school. Your rich school. The school filled with snobs who think their better than everyone else!”

“Patty wait! If you’re talking about that snobbish girl Trisha, then you shouldn’t be listening to her! All she does is make lies and rumors up.”

“So it’s not true. You didn’t bring all your exes at the Art Gallery?”

He sighed, “Yes, I did. But wait! Every time I’d go, it’d be the same exact thing and with you it wasn’t! I had fun Patty I really did. And the difference between you and them is that with them that’s the first and last date. But with you, I don’t want it to end. Just please hear me out on this one. I understand if you’re angry but you have to see my point of view here.”

“All I see is that your like every other guy out there and your just playing around with me.” I turned to leave, but he grabbed me once more, only this time he wouldn’t let go. He held onto me elbows and spoke to me in a whisper. “I mean everything that I’m saying. If you were just like all those other girls, I wouldn’t be holding onto you this way. I wouldn’t care what you think. I wouldn’t be standing here right now begging you to forgive me. That’s the difference between you and the rest. I want to keep seeing you Patricia. Not just another one date thing.”

Okay, honestly, how could I resist to that? Seeing me surrender, Hunter took a step forward and took me into a strong hug. In exchanged, I gently wrapped my arms around his waist and was thankful that this had happened. I didn’t want to lose him either.

* * *

* * *

Faith’s Point of View

Besides paying the bills every month, and receiving advertising articles, I didn’t really receive anything special in the mail. Only this time, I received a letter with only my name on it. I went into the kitchen and opened the letter gently. Inside, there was a single paper all folded up. The outside of it said: From Carl. Inside it read…

I tear fell onto the crumpled paper. My long-lost best friend had finally opened up to me again. For some reason I wasn’t mad at all. I could have been mad at him for never answering me, for ignoring me, for disappearing out of my life. But instead, I couldn’t help but smile. I could tell he was getting older. The way the paper was all crumpled and had coffee stains. Or the way the writing was shaky and some words fading and hard to read. I was definitely going to meet up with him tomorrow as planned.

Today, however, I had other plans in mind. It was Patricia’s birthday. Today, eighteen years ago I had given birth to my first baby girl. I prepared a carrot cake, her favourite, and got a few joyful balloons hung around the room. When she got home from working at the spa, she was surprised to see the whole family behind a cake lit with candles. We all yelled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” in sync, just as planned. I put the cake down and hugged Patty, wishing her once again happy birthday.

As a gift, I finally allowed her to get a tattoo. She had wanted one ever since she was a young teen but I had never allowed her. Now, however, I let her do as she pleased.

* * *

* * *

I hopped in the cab and stared out the window. I was on my way to meet up with a friend that I had lost over the years. My best friend. My only friend. It was a short drive till the Lake, and so I paid the cab driver and stepped outside onto the green grass. I walked through the grass looking around for Carl. That’s when I spotted him. He was on a little wooden bridge leaning over the railing and throwing bread crumbs to the fishes. I walked towards him and as he saw me, came towards me as well. As soon as he came into reach, we both came in for a warm, friendly hug.

Taking him into my arms I realized how old he had grown. He got skinnier and his body was frail and fragile. That only made me realized that I was growing old as well. We walked through the park, chit chatting about the usual topics. After a while, Carl started asking more personal questions.

“So, how are the kids?”

“They’re doing alright. Growing up fast! I had another child in your absence. A little boy that is. Austin is his name.”

“Oh really? That’s great Faith! I’m so sorry I couldn’t be around in those days!”

“Couldn’t or didn’t want to?” I said in a serious tone.


“Why not? Where have you been. We’ve only been talking about me, but now I’m getting curios about you?”

“Okay, well, I haven’t been in town much lately as I had mentioned in my letter.”

“Yeah, said you were traveling?”

“That’s part of it. I was traveling towards South Africa and around that continent. I wasn’t just there for a happy vacation. For the first few years, I had been there because I had joined the army and I was on a peace mission. Only a few months later did I realize that these peace missions were causing anything but peace. So that’s when I quit the military. Did years of training for only a couple of months of battle. Instead, I went back out to South Africa and started donating my time. I helped built homes, and schools. I planted and harvested vegetation. I taught them a little about my knowledge in hope of helping them survive. They’re very poor there. It’s like a completely different world. Anyways, I stayed there for maybe two years, and lived with families and made new friends and relationships. But, one morning, I woke up really sick. Trembling, vomiting, shivering with cold. I stayed there another week in hopes of getting better but matters only got worse. I would have stayed, but there aren’t very much clinical help around there, so that’s when I flew back here in the city. I had caught an infectious virus that my body wasn’t immune to. It almost killed me. I was in bed rest for a full year until finally I was able to stand up straight again.”

His story left me speechless. Here I was judging him, accusing him of leaving from my life. In the meantime, he was either training for war, donating his efforts to poor families, or fighting on for dear life.

* * *

* * *

Patricia and Hunter had both grown up into young adults. She had forgiven him for his behaviour and they were both officially dating. I had been introduced to Hunter not long ago and only for a short period of time, but I liked him. He was a smart young man with lots of talent.

Patricia wasn’t the only one growing up of course. Every second of each day everyone grew older. Today however, was a day different from the others. Today it was Joshua’s turn to grow into a young adult. As usual, when it came to Joshua he didn’t want to celebrate and have a party. I insisted on buying him a cake, and he stubbornly agreed. He stayed in his room the whole day, wanting to isolate himself from the rest of us. His whole life I tried figuring out the way he acted, but I was never able to grasp on his thoughts. He was hard to follow. It was only for supper when he stepped out of his room that he aged onto a young man.

As he aged, I thought to myself how the most handsome man stood in front of me.


Author’s Note

Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed the chapter. Just wanted to take this chance to tell you all about my newest page. Check out THE FAMILY page to have a view of the evolution of this legacy. I have also decided that there will be an heir vote for this generation, and the FAMILY PAGE may help you in making a decision! I suggests you guys check it out for a quick description on every character! Hope you enjoy, don’t forget to leave me some feedback! ^^

About auburn101
I've ran away at the age of 18. I've come a long way, but now I've arrived in a small town known as Sunset Valley. Ahead of me, awaits a long journey. A legacy is what I am starting. A legacy of my own, that I will built from the ground up.

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  1. Izzi456 says:

    Yay!! I liked that chapter 😀

    I can’t wait for Gen 2, are there anymore chapters before Gen 2 starts?

    Anwho, I loved it and I can’t wait for the next chapter/update!

    P.S. Was Austin’s picture supposed to be in the Family post? I haven’t checked the page yet, but Austin’s picture wasn’t in the post…..

    • auburn101 says:

      Thank you for commenting! Glad you liked the update. There should be stil a few more chapters to come before the next generation. Faith is still quiet young, and Austin too. Austin’s picture wasn’t in the Family page because I want to wait till he become atleast a teenager before posting up his picture. This way it’ll last longer and it’ll be a better view of what he will look like in the future. Thanks for checking out the post!:)

  2. elizabeth says:

    I got so mad at that Trisha girl! She’s just a trouble maker. At least it wasn’t true….
    The kids are all so pretty/handsome. I love Patty’s tattoo! 🙂
    Awww Carl. ;( *Sob* That story was sad. At least he got back in touch with Faith even though he’s been through all that!
    Great chapter, can’t wait for Generation 2! 😀
    Oh, and how did you make the letter from Carl? Really cool effect.

    • auburn101 says:

      In everyone;s life, there’s always a girl like Trisha! 😉 haha. Thank you, I’m happy as well that the kids turned out so well. I really missed having Carl around, and one day Faith got a *want* to chat with him, so that’s when I got the idea that this would be the perfect moment to bring him back! I loved him as well. ❤

      The letter from Carl was simply made. I found a beige, old, crumpled, paper over Google. Saved it, and then on word I typed up the text and slid it over the paper, making it looks as if it was really written by Carl. Then I saved it all as one picture and there ya go! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. nestea7 says:

    Aww, Carl’s back. I was starting to wonder what happened to him. And I’m so happy for Patty, I still really like Hunter so far. All the kids are growing up so nicely. I can’t wait for gen. 2. =]
    p.s.: There’s a few new chapters on my story and I’d love to see what you think. =]

  4. Spongey says:

    Aw, I’m so glad Patty found someone who is actually worth her time. Not like that other jerk, I’m so glad she’s with this new guy instead. CARL! Oh my goodness, it’s been a while since we seen him. I always wondered why he was gone, and now I see why. It would have been nice for him to at least said something to Faith instead of thinking he just hated her, and disowned her. She has already been through enough of that!

    Josh is SO hot! My word! *drools* I know who I’m voting for XD Not just cause he looks nice, but I kind of am intrigued as to where his story might lead. 🙂

    Aw, where was Austin? I can’t wait to see him as a teen 🙂

    Great update!!


    • auburn101 says:

      Hey Spongey! Yeah, I definitely missed Carl too and was really happy to have him back on board. I haven’t mentioned much about Austin, I know, but I will have to bring him up a few times before the heir vote comes along.

  5. Emy says:

    Caught up!! Sorry I’m so far behind. Things have been busy.

    I don’t understand why Patty was so angry with Hunter. I mean, it’s not like he was cheating on her or anything. And Patty didn’t even think it was a date!! Ah, to be a teenage girl, I suppose. 😛

    Yay, I’m glad Carl came back and talked to Faith. That’s really wrapped up Faith’s story, I think. 🙂

    Great job. ❤

    • auburn101 says:

      Hey Emy! Thanks for commenting. No need to be sorry for being behind, I can definitely understand! 😉 And as mentioned a few times throughout the chapters, Patty is pretty short-tempered and has a bit of an attitude. That’s probably why she reacted that way with Hunter. Things seem to be going good for them now though!

  6. Michelle says:

    I am so happy that her and carl finally worked things out! YAY! And the kids are absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait for more!

  7. OMG, in Carl’s letter, the first two lines are the first two lines in Lady Gaga’s You and I. Was that intentional?

    I’m all caught up now, I guess…and now I have to WAIT for updates like everyone else. >:/ haha, just kidding! I can honestly say I’m addicted now. I can’t subscribe from my iPod just yet because WordPress made some stupid changes to the mobile site, but I’m bookmarking it! 😀

    • auburn101 says:

      Really happy to have you on board! And, yes the lyrics of Lady gaga were intentionally mentioned in the letter. At first I was just writing freely starting with, it’s been a long time. But then the song came into mind and i told myself, what the hell, it suits it perfect! Thanks for readnig and leaving all the kind comments, I really appreciate it!:)

  8. dustydreamer says:

    Aww…I liked this chapter…alot of things happening…turning out to be in a good, better direction.

    I cant stop saying how handsome Joshua is!

    Im glad Hunter and Patty are dating, he really is a good influence.

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