Chapter 1.12 – Start and End With Family

Sim days came and went. I can still remember my pregnancy with Joshua. The day he was born and the days I spent raising him as a single mother. Those days were gone however, for today little Joshua was going to become a teenager. Patty and I were going to set up balloons and a cake, but Josh had insisted to keep it simple. He didn’t want balloons and didn’t want to have a big party with friends. I had agreed to his wishes, but still bought a small cake for the family to share. We were in the living room, cheering for Joshua. Clapping, whooping, and whistling, as we all watched as he became older. I had invited Mom over, and I could see all the effort her frail body was going through.

After all the celebration, it took only a few seconds to realize that Joshua had matured into a teenager. His taller, broader structure filled the center of the room. His hair long and shaggy, hanging in front of his ocean-blue eyes. He smiled shyly as we all stared at him, open-mouthed at the drastic transformation.

Mom had insisted on getting Josh a birthday gift. She said she had the perfect thing to offer. Turns out she was right; she got him a certificate allowing him to a free guitar lesson! Joshua remained calm and quiet, but there was excitement in his eyes as he thanked his grandmother.

As a traditional birthday gift, we remodeled and refurnished Joshua’s bedroom. Gone were the children’s toys and the playful wall patterns. Usually, I let my child chose how they want their room, but Joshua hadn’t mind and wanted us to surprise him. Knowing his different type of taste, and his dark-colored style, I made most of the room red and black. Stepping into his brand new room, he smiled and nodded. “I really like it Mom, thanks.” Over the years I got to understand the way my kids thought, and this was exactly the way Josh thought. He was quiet, and rarely spoke, but whenever he did say something, he truly meant it. I smiled, a glow filling my heart. I was happy with what I had to offer.

* * *

* * *

Patricia had never forgotten the night her boyfriend had broken up with her. I had entered her room, happy and excited to present her to her father. She had pretended not to notice the intruder, but in the future days, she asked me about him.

“Mom, you know the other night. When uh, you know, about Jayden?”


“Well you came into my room remember? Before even talking to me. And there was someone with you. A guy. Who…who was he?”

I hadn’t been expecting that question. I was sure she hadn’t noticed. However, it was a perfect time and opportunity to tell her who this man truly was.

“Well Patricia…”

“In all honesty, that man you saw that night…” I remember taking a long deep breath before speaking the next words. “He’s your father.”

Patty had stared at me, confused, surprised, and shocked. She stood in front of me in disbelief. I didn’t know what went through her mind, but before she even got the chance to think something negative, I continued. “I hadn’t spoken to him in years, but somehow, someday we met again. It wasn’t that long ago, I assure you. When I told him about you, he felt so much guilt, yet so much happiness. He regretted not knowing about you, and not seeing you grow up, but he was joyful at the idea of having a daughter. We met a few times after that; not very much though. He insisted on meeting you, and I thought it would have been a good idea. I invited him home, but then things had happened unexpectedly.”

Minutes of silence had filled the air around us. Finally, Patricia had spoken. “So, your saying that man is my dad? My real dad?”

I had nodded. She had smiled. She had found her father. Other things may change us, but no matter what, we start and end with family.

“Yes, Patty, he’s your real dad.”

I was thinking about that time we spoke, and how I had been super nervous on telling her who her father is. Now, we were both in the car, on our way to Central Park. Finally arriving to the community area, I stepped out of the car and spoke to Patricia, “Patty are you sure you don’t want me coming with you? I understand if your nervous, and you want me around?”

“No Ma, really, I’m ok.”

“Alright. Are you sure though? I mean, maybe I can just go at the other end of the park you know? Mind my own business-”

“Mom, really. I think you’re way more nervous than I am. I want to do this on my own. Please?”

I smiled and nodded. Slowly stepping back into the car I drove away, looking back into the rear view mirror, seeing my daughter -delicate and fragile- standing in this big world.

Patty’s point of view…

I have to admit I was a little nervous. I mean, it’s not everyday that you go meet your biological father. I took a deep breath of the fresh air and walked through the green grass. My steps were shaky and clumsy. Oh stop being such a clutz  . I crossed my arms, feeling vulnerable to everything surrounding me. I slowed my pace, walking around, unsure what to look for. I was staring down at the pond when a sudden hand had touched my shoulders’ causing me to flinch.

“Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.” The deep voice told me from behind. I turned around and stared at a broad looking man. He looked just like me. The hair, the eyes, and a little bit of the smile too. My mouth hung open, leaving me speechless and shocked. I blinked several times, trying to sink in reality.

I didn’t know what to say. I must’ve had some confused face on, cause’ Jeffrey -my dad- was looking back at me, unsure of what to say as well. He spoke first, “I take it your Patricia?”

Still speechless, I simply nodded my head.

“Well uh, I imagined this scene a 100 times, but I guess nothing can prepare you for a situation like this. I’m uh…I’m Jeffrey, I believe I’m your father.”

I smiled, fighting back the tears and I said, “Yeah, I know.”

“Well um, I don’t know if your mother told you but uh, I got a house not far away. Thought it be nice to be closer to family you know?”

I have to admit there was an awkward silence. I didn’t know what to tell him, and he didn’t know what to tell me. He scratched the back of his head and said, “Hey, I brought some fishing poles with me in my truck. I don’t know if you wanna..I don’t know? I thought it could be a good idea…”

He was stumbling with his words, so I cut him off and said, smiling, “Yeah sure, that’s a pretty cool idea.”

We got the fishing poles and went to find a calm, quiet pond. Holding our equipment, he started to open up to me. He told me how he never knew he was even going to be a father, and had enrolled into the army, thinking that was the only thing he can offer to the world. “I understand if you want nothing to do with me. I mean, I know I’ve missed out on so much, but-”

I cut him off again, “If I wanted nothing to do with you. I wouldn’t be here in the first place.” We smiled at each other.

Finally, reaching the pond, Jeff threw his line into the water. I tried attaching bait to the end of my string but was having a hard time. I started swearing at the stupid thing. Jeff, laughing at me, put down his pole and helped me put it all together. “Not much of an outdoors person huh?” He said, shoving me and laughing. “Whatever,” I answered back, trying not to laugh.

We didn’t catch much fish in the pond, probably because of all the noise we were making. We told each other jokes, and told stories of our past. It was getting late, the sun starting to set. To me, time went by super fast. I was liking my dad. Or should I call him Jeffrey? Yeah, I think I’d be better off just calling him Jeff or something. It’s really cool how he was all over the world, fighting for our country. Lots of funny stories he had to tell me after all those years. Same for me. Lots of stories to tell, but I stayed pretty private. I told him about the usual, family holidays, and birthdays, and about my two brothers. I didn’t really tell him about myself personally though. Like how I dropped out of school, had an influencing boyfriend, and all the other mistakes I did throughout my life. I didn’t really want to tell him though. He’d probably tell on me, to mom. Mom doesn’t know half a thing about me. Like the parties I go to, the things I drink, and sometimes smoke. She’s around me alright, but her mind is elsewhere. I just think she doesn’t care.

It was getting to dark for fishing, so we wrapped up all the equipment and stopped to sit at the main water fountain.

What I thought I had avoided, was now the subject of our conversation; me. Jeff wanted to know how I was like. What music I listened to, if I played sports, how school was, about my friends, if I had a boyfriend. He wanted to know me.

“Well um, I kinda like loud rock music I guess. I’m not much of an athlete so I don’t do sports. I never really tried any though.” Not wanting to answer anymore of the questions, I tried changing subjects. “I guess my favourite sport though would be soccer. Lots of people like to play it and I’ve played maybe a few times a while ago. You must be a pretty tough athlete if you were in the army huh?”

“Yeah I guess so. Lots of training. But like I said, enough about me. What about you? What do you do on your spare time?”

“Um, I do whatever. I listen to music pretty often, I like to draw sometimes too.”

“That’s cool. You must go out with friends pretty often too huh. I remember at your age I was always sneaking out. Don’t do that though.” He laughed and winked at me. He continued, “How about a boyfriend?”

I shook my head. Memories of Jayden filled my head. The night at my job. How we broke up. The things he made me do. Tears started to fill my eyes, but I hoped that the darkness of the night would hide them. I was wrong, instead Jeff noticed right away.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Why you crying?”

“It’s um, a long story. It’s nothing don’t worry about it.”

“Aw come on. You can tell me. I haven’t been there your whole life, but now that I’m here you can trust me.”

I looked up at him, and spilled out my story. Everything from the beginning to the end. I told him about choosing the wrong friends and making the wrong choices. I told him about dropping out, and disrespecting my mom. In response, he hugged me and held me in his strong arms. It felt nice to have someone finally care. He said, as low as a whisper, “I’m here to protect you now.”

When we got back home, I went straight inside, into my room, and put my earphones on. I smiled to myself listening to my music. I had a dad.

Faith’s Point of View

Patricia had went straight to her room as usual. Outside, however, Jeffrey was waiting and he signaled me to come outside.

“Thank you so, so much for everything.” He was telling me.

“For what? I didn’t do anything.”

“For letting me back into our daughter’s life. I’m so happy I got a chance to meet her. She’s a special kid, Faith. Just like her mother.”

Blushing, I tilted my head down, avoiding his gaze.

* * *

* * *

Time came and go in the Sim World. And today came that special time of the year when a birthday was being celebrated. Today was Austin’s special day for he was becoming a school-aged boy. As every other day. Austin was loud, but for once he wasn’t crying. No, this time he was squealing and cheering with joy, filled with the excitement of being the center of attention. I had baked a cake myself and Josh, because of his skillful, artist hands, had helped me with the decorations. I had hesitated on wether or not to invite Jeffrey, but had voted on not inviting him. I didn’t want to make things awkward for any of us, and thought it may still be early. When the right time came, I scooped up Austin’s small but solid body and directed him towards his birthday cake. The whole family sung along, and at the end of our celebrations, Austin blew out his candles and grew into a healthy young boy.

About auburn101
I've ran away at the age of 18. I've come a long way, but now I've arrived in a small town known as Sunset Valley. Ahead of me, awaits a long journey. A legacy is what I am starting. A legacy of my own, that I will built from the ground up.

12 Responses to Chapter 1.12 – Start and End With Family

  1. Izzi456 says:

    Awwww I loved it 🙂 I waited a long time for this, and it was definately worth it!! 😀
    I loved Jeff and Patricia, and I hope that Jeff stays…

  2. Chellekaz says:

    I hope that Patty develops a real relationship with her dad, I think it could be good for her, but above and beyond that I hope she comes to realize that Faith really does love and care about her “She’s around me alright, but her mind is elsewhere. I just think she doesn’t care.” was heartbreaking!

  3. Welcome back! This chapter was awesome! I love how Jeff is trying to make a difference and come back, it is so heartbreaking when parents dont care enough about their children to show it! 🙂

  4. Spongey says:

    Awww, I’m just so happy for Patty. She was just a girl who was hurting and didn’t know what choices she should make. I feel bad that she thinks her mom doesn’t care about her, because obviously that’s not true. Faith loves her more than anything. I always liked Jeff. I really think they should be together because he’s such a caring guy. He was hurt that he wasn’t in his daughters life. He felt so much guilt. That is the perfect sign that he really does love her. He went off to the army to better his life, he didn’t know about her so it wasn’t his fault. 😦

    Great chapter!! 🙂 Glad to see your back!


    • auburn101 says:

      Thanks for commenting!
      I also feel for Patty but it seems that ever since Jayden got out of her life, things have been going along for the better. I think right now everyone in the family is liking Jeffrey, and I have to admit I’m enjoying him as well.

  5. Tabby :) says:

    Hi, I wanted to let you know I fixed the link on my site so it should be working now =)
    And I wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about this legacy and I am going to read it as soon as I get time, I havent had time to update my blog for awhile either. XD

    • auburn101 says:

      Hey! Thanks so much for fixing up that link, I was really curios as to what were the new creations! Definitely going to check it out soon! 🙂 I understand how it is to get busy and not update the blog. Me, myself, has been away for some time, but I try and update every so often. Thanks for commenting !:)

  6. dustydreamer says:

    Aww..Im glad that Jeff and Patty had a little time to themselves to catch up and open up about themselves. I really hope that Jeff with be strong influence for Patty to get herself back on track..and for Faith and her boys to have a strong male figur ein thier life who is supporting and caring.

    Also Joshua is a cutie!! All of Faiths kids have some lovely genes. :}

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