Chapter 1.4 – Few Hours After Midnight

“Mommy, today in class we had to say what the jobs of our parents were. I didn’t know what to tell my teacher. Where’s my daddy Mommy?” I was having breakfast with my daughter when she asked me a question I was avoiding for a very long time now. As a baby, it was easier to avoid the fact that my daughter was growing up fatherless. I took a breath, unsure of where to start. How was I suppose to break it to a nine-year old that her father had abandoned me from the start?
“Well, honey, your father and I didn’t know each other very long, and one night he decided to leave. You weren’t born yet, but soon after you came along, and brought lots and lots of joy into my life!” I smiled at her, trying to reassure her.

“Why did he leave mommy?” I have no idea.
“Well, sometimes things don’t always turn out to be what we expected. Things between us weren’t the best. We weren’t in love, and he wasn’t mature enough to take on his responsibilities.” I stopped talking before I got carried away, bashing her father with insults that she didn’t need to hear.
“Did he leave because of me?”
“No, no of course not! You weren’t even born yet.”

“But he knew I was coming.” The look on my daughter’s face was breaking my heart. She didn’t deserve to grow up without a dad, to grow up different from her friends, and wonder why she was abandoned in the first place.
“I’m not even sure if he knew that. But you know what, that’s okay, because I love you as much as two people would. And we’ve been doing good all this time, and that’s exactly what we’re going to keep doing!”

I hugged Patricia, and quickly changed the subject. “Come on, you need to get moving or you’ll miss the bus!” She hugged me back and got ready to go to school. Hopefully when she got older, she’d understand the situation, and that she is not to blame for the disappearance of her father.


Every night when Patty was asleep, I’d pull out my journal and write something that was on my mind. It was usually short, like a quote or the highlight of my day, but today I wrote a long two pages on how Patricia wondered about where her father was.

It was late at night, and Patricia was asleep. I called my mom, in hope that it wouldn’t be my father who was going to answer. It rang once. Twice. Three times. I was about to hang up, when finally my mom answered. “Hello?” “Hi, Ma?” “Oh! Ale- Faith! What’s going on?” “Ma, keep your voice down, don’t want dad knowing about this. Keep calling me Faith. If you want you can come over tomorrow early in the morning, before Patty goes to school. She doesn’t know about you yet, but she’ll be really excited to meet you. That’s if you want though.” “Yes, yes, of course. I’ll pass by early tomorrow morning. Good-bye Gina!” I was confused as to why my Mom called me Gina, but I understood that my father must be close and listening.

The next day I got up earlier than usual and cleaned around the house. I woke Patty up earlier as well, and when she asked me why, I told her how I wanted her to meet someone very important – her grandmother. When there was a knock at the door, both Patricia and I went to greet my mom; Tina. I opened the door and greeted my mom. She stepped inside and looked straight down at Patty. I broad smile spread across her wrinkling face. “Oh my!” She held her hands towards her chest, unable to say any words.
“Mom, this is Patty, Patty, this is your grandma.” I never would’ve expected a child to meet their grandparent this way, but I suppose there was no other way in these circumstances.

“Hi grandma! Look what I can do!” Patty suddenly broke into one of her funny faces, and stuck her tongue out. I found it random, but to my surprise, Mom joined into the fun and started doing funny faces as well. I guess that’s the secret in being a child and having a heart of gold; Happiness is found in the smallest things.

Patricia and Mom seemed to get along great. Mom seemed to just smile and enjoy everything Patty was telling her.


After getting another promotion at my job, I had to work hard to keep in shape. I went to the local gym, got in my athletic wear, and jumped onto the treadmill. It was a lot harder than I had thought. I slowed down the speed of the treadmill after falling a few times. Suddenly, to my left, a charming young man was standing and looking at me.
“You should start at a lower speed and then go to the faster ones,” he said with a heavy tone of voice. I glanced at him, and lowered the speed of the treadmill to a slow jog.

After five minutes of jogging, I hopped off the treadmill. The blonde man was still standing next to me. I was about to walk away but he caught my arm and I turned around. “Sorry for making things so awkward, it’s just that I train a lot here, and I saw you were having a hard time, so I thought I would help.”

I looked into his green eyes, then looked at the grip he had on my arm. Reluctantly, he let go. “Thanks.” I picked up my water bottle, and made my way to the changing rooms. He called out to me, “Wait! I was thinking maybe we can see each other again? I’ve seen you around with you officer outfit, and I know I can be a help to you when it comes to your training.”
“Are you asking me out on a date?”
“Um, yes I guess I am.”
“I don’t have much time for dating, I’m sorry.” I walked down the hall, but he ran passed me and blocked my way.
“Just a small outing. I’ll pick you up and bring you back home whenever you want.” I sighed in annoyance but agreed to his offer. It wouldn’t hurt to go out with other adults sometimes. I gave him my address, and told him the time and date to pick me up.



I never noticed how fast the years had gone by. To me, Patty was still the chubby, crawling toddler, but in reality today was her birthday and she was becoming a teenager. I bought her a cake, and decorated it with her favorite cupcake icing. She blew out the candles the same we she had once done it, and it wasn’t long before there was a drastic change. She had grown to almost my height, and her hair grew much longer. She applied a dark line of make-up along her eyes, and a pink shade of lip gloss. She had definitely gotten older, but no matter what, she still had those eyes that made me think of her father.

A few days after the birthday celebrations, it was time for my date with the blonde from the gym. His name was Marcus Martino, and he was a little younger than me. Patty was helping me chose something to wear for my date. I put on a silk black dress and modeled it for her. “What do you think about this one?”
“Ma, that one looks great! You should totally put that one.He’ll love it.”
“Are you sure? It’s not too short is it?”
“It’s perfect.”

I fixed my hair and left it hang loose naturally. I applied a little mascara and added a light tone of red lipstick on my lips. The doorbell rang and I looked in the mirror one last time making sure everything was neat. I reached the front door and asked Patricia once again if I looked fine. She nodded, “I won’t wait up for you guys.” She smirked at me and I smiled back.

I stepped into Marcus’ truck and he looked at me, saying I looked gorgeous. I tried my best effort not to blush. We drove through the dark streets of Sunset Valley, and slowly we got further and further away from the city. “Where are we going?” I asked him in curiosity. He never told me from the start where he was taking me, he kept telling me it was a surprise. But I thought it would be a dinner date, or maybe a movie, but what can we possibly be doing here? I was getting a little frightened and anxious. He tried reassuring me, “I told you already, it’s a surprise. We’re almost there, don’t worry.” We rode in silence from then on. I looked out my window the whole time, afraid that I had gotten myself in some type of trouble.

Finally, he stopped the car, stepped out and opened the door helping me out of the pick-up. He took my hand and guided me across the grass, “We’re here.” I looked in front of me, and there were gigantic waterfalls falling down into a small pond. At the edge of the water, was a red and white checkerboard blanket with a picnic basket placed in the center. I looked at the beautiful scenery. I admired the large stubborn rock, the falling water, the calming reflection in the lake, and the sky filled with stars. “Wow,” was all I was capable of saying.

We sat down at the picnic blanket, and Marcus looked at me smiling, “So, how do you like my surprise?”
I smiled back at him, “Pretty amazing. I never knew we had this in Sunset Valley. Feels romantic.” He opened the basket and handed me a small meal. We ate and talked about everything and anything possible.

We lay down in the thick green grass and looked up at the stars in silence. I didn’t know Marcus very much, but after this night, I knew he seemed sympathetic. It was clear to me he was a daredevil, because whatever challenge came his way, he wanted to beat it. At some point, it crossed my mind that he was neurotic and a hot-head because every time I complained about working out, he’d get somewhat angry. It was getting late, and the air was becoming colder. We sat on the checkerboard blanket and our eyes met each others. We stared for a few seconds, which what seemed to be hours. Suddenly, we both slowly got closer to each other. I felt Marcus’ hand wrap around my neck, and he pulled me in closer as he kissed me. Surprisingly, I began kissing him back.

Marcus picked me up, bringing me towards his pick-up truck, his lips never leaving mine. Gently placing me in his truck and closing the door, I realized what was about to happen, and I wasn’t about to stop it. We made love in his truck, and got back home a few hours after midnight.

It was a good thing, after all, that Patricia didn’t stay up waiting for me.

[1877 words]

About auburn101
I've ran away at the age of 18. I've come a long way, but now I've arrived in a small town known as Sunset Valley. Ahead of me, awaits a long journey. A legacy is what I am starting. A legacy of my own, that I will built from the ground up.

23 Responses to Chapter 1.4 – Few Hours After Midnight

  1. spongeb0berz says:

    Awww I was hoping she would find love 🙂 She needs a good stable man in her life, to help her and her daughter. He’s pretty hot too! 😉

    WOW! Patty grew up so PRETTY! ❤ I felt kind of bad for her, that she wanted to know why she had no father, and that she though it was her fault. Poor girl ❤ At least she has Faith. 🙂


    • auburn101 says:

      Haha, glad you like Marcus so far! 😉 I love Patty as well, and you’re right, as least she has Faith! Thanks for the read and comment.

  2. Lexi says:

    Patty grew up BEAUTIFULLY! I kind of want her father to make a little appearance some how. She needs to meet him.
    Sooo glad Faith found someone to love 😀 He’s sooo cute 😉 Hope things work out better this time 😀

  3. Jedidiah says:

    Patricia grew up gorgeous. Would be a funny entrance for her father to pop in and mistakenly hit on her… Not that I would ever do that of course… just saying… and yes, I watch entirely too much TV to even think that plot??? Okay, I’m walking away now… bye now… XD

    • auburn101 says:

      Haha! Oh, you always make me laugh! 🙂 That would’ve been a great idea with Patty’s father, but I mean I’m not going to steal your storylines haha! I’ve got something in mind also, just don’t know when and how I’ll be doing it ! Thanks for the commenting 🙂

  4. Carebear728 says:

    Patty is gorgeous! I wish she could meet her father so that she can talk to him about his abandoning her.

  5. Emy says:

    Aww, Faith might find love! Yay!

    And Patty’s beautiful!!

  6. marissa3 says:

    Patty is beautiful! x

  7. Chellekaz says:

    ooooh I so hope this is love with Marcus and that she won’t find herself in a similar situation as with Jeffrey. Patty grew up to be positively gorgeous! I’m glad she’s met more members of her family now, the scene with her Grandma was so cute

  8. Sherlister says:

    Patricia is so pretty! I love the part where Patty met her grandma, it was so sweet! Hopefully, Marcus and Faith will last long 🙂

    • auburn101 says:

      Guess you’ll have to wait and see about Faith and Marcus! 😉 I’m also enjoy that “grandma to granddaughter” relationship so far. 🙂


  9. xtremesims says:

    Patricia is so beautiful. I am glad that she got to meet her grandmother. Lol @ truck woohoo Marcus is hot.

  10. Elli James says:

    Well, he isn’t Carl, but after seeing Marcus shirtless… I think I’ll get over it. ;D

    Patricia is a gorgeous teenager! I feel like she and her mom are a great team, supporting and encouraging each other. And I’m so glad that Patty got to meet her grandmother too! It must be such a relief to her, to have at least a little family around.

    • auburn101 says:

      I see you like Carl? Ha ha! You’re right, it much be nice for Patty to have more family around her. Thanks to your comment, I’m thinking about writing a paragraph or two from Patricia’s point of view! Still debating on it though… You’ll find out soon enough ha ha ! 🙂 Thanks for the comments ❤

  11. snowdropxox says:

    OH dear! what will happen next? I can’t wait! Patty is soo pretty and its good that she gets along with her grandmother. love it

  12. Nightrain17 says:

    Wow! Patty is stunningly beautiful!

    I’m glad that Faith’s Mother is kind of acting better and stuff.
    But uh oh, I hope Faith isn’t pregnant after that!
    Great chapter

  13. zoxell says:

    I sense a sibling for Patty…
    BTW, what ever happened to Carl?

  14. dustydreamer says:

    I knew Patty would be beautiful. :]
    Im so happy that her mum kept her word about keeping her a secret and that she finally met her granddaughter. I would imagine Patty beginning to not only wonder about her dad but other people in her family too.

    Marcus is cuuute. :] I hope that Faith manages to find a stable relationship with someone.

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